Anzali Trade-Industrial Free Zone

Anzali Free Zone


  1. a) Headquarters

5th km of Zibakenar, Rasht-Anzali Road, Gilan

Phone: 00981813200042

Fax: 00981813200040


  1. b) Tehran Office

No. 143-next to 29th St.-Khaled Eslambooli St.-Tehran

Phone: 00982188889392



As the biggest port in the south of the Caspian Sea, Anzali Port has a long history in transporting goods between Iran and Europe.

Located forty kilometers away from Anzali Port, Anzali Free Zone is an appropriate place for storing, transiting, and re-shipping of the goods to Central Asia. Due to its geographical situation, Anzali Free Zone benefits from the cheap and skilled human resources working in agricultural industries and other production lines, and trading activities. Anzali Free Zone is located alongside the southern coastline of the Caspian Sea. In this area, shipping and fishery activities date back to 350 and 160 years ago respectively. Anzali was the first city in Iran to enjoy electricity in 1900 and two years before that it had the communicative network of telephone. Qazian Bridge, Mianposhte Palace, Clock Tower, Breakwater Structure, Lighthouse, Pier, Wild Life Sanctuary, Bander Anzali International Lagoon covering 18,000 hectares with sea birds and water lilies, many small and big Islands, weekly local Bazaar, and gorgeous sand beaches are among the tourist attractions and historical monuments of Bandar Anzali.

 Among the five Caspian Sea states, Bandar Anzali is one of the busiest ports and it is the biggest port in the north of Iran. It is considered extremely important due to its location on the transit way of North-South, Southeast Asian countries, the Persian Gulf states, Republics of Central Asia, Russia, and Europe.


Geographical features and advantages of the Zone

  • Anzali Free Zone is located along the International North-South Transport Corridor (NSTC) knows as the Asia-Europe transport corridor of twenty first century. Through Russia, this Corridor connects Helsinki Port in north Europe to the ports in north and south of the Caspian Sea, ports of the Persian Gulf, and then to the southern and eastern countries of the Asia.  
  • Enjoying special position of being connected to other Caspian Sea sates.
  • Proximity to the ports of Astrakhan and Lagan in Russia, Krasnudesk in Turkmenistan, Aktau in Kazakhstan and Baku in Azerbaijan.
  • Having access to the markets of the CIS countries through suitable ways.
  • Proximity to Rasht International Airport possessing complete navigation equipment.
  • Being the nearest free zone to Tehran as well as other industrial and the most populated centers as target markets.
  • Being completely demarcated in terms of area and having complete Geographical Information Site (GIS).
  • Proximity to the biggest oil and gas reserves of the Caspian Sea.
  1. B) Economic Features of the Zone

Bandar Anzali uses the high-tech facilities, equipment, and installation for loading, unloading and warehousing. The most important equipment facilities which are found as follows;

-         Ten berths measuring 1,581 meters in length for trade, services and petroleum sector, the marine control traffic system, and a computer system jointly operated with the customs to facilitate discharging goods.

-         Construction of the modern Caspian harbor as a third generation harbor to come to streamline in the near future, holding 22 berths with the capacity of more than 11 million tons. At its first phase of operation within 5 years, this harbor would be capable of loading and unloading goods up to 3 million tons. In addition to meeting the commercial needs, this harbor can trigger the creation of logistic centers including warehousing, goods distribution, and expansion of marine industries such as ship construction.

-         Connecting Anzali Free Zone particularly its Caspian Harbor to Qazvin-Rasht-Anzali Highway and the railway by which transpiration capacity of the Zone increases dramatically.

-         Anzali Industrial Town as a part of Anzali Free Zone Area and as one the most modern industrial towns of the Province provides the facilities such as water, electricity, telephone, gas, land, and the like to investors. Currently, 88 active industrial units in the fields of in metal, cellulose, health and food industries are operating there.

-          The industrial section of the Zone with all necessary infrastructures and is suitable for establishment of industries and production units. Currently, some fifteen industrial and production in the fields of in metal, cellulose, health and food industries are operating there.

-         The trade-dedicated section of the Zone has prepared necessary grounds for the expansion of commerce including landscaping, high speed internet, trade and exhibition complexes and greatly suitable facilities for the economic actors in the Zone.

-          Accepting long term bank guarantees to provide facilities for the commodity owners and merchants.

-          Issuing work permit within a week and the possibility of registering the company in a few days.

-          Existence of centers to offer financial and banking services and possibility of establishing stock exchange market for goods due to the high volume of trade and commercial exchanges and suitable rules of the Zone.

-          Anzali customs with modern facilities and equipments

-         Existence of required facilities for the creation of alternate industries, packaging and processing agricultural products in the Zone to create the maximum value added considering the pivotal role of agricultural activities in Gilan Province as well as offering facilities of the Anzali Free Zone Organization to interested investors.

-         Existence of trade and exhibition complexes in the Zone including 2,080 trade stands for presenting products produced in the Zone and providing facilities and incentives for using exhibition spaces to present their products directly.

-          Issuing national commercial card in Anzali Free Zone.

-          Offering special warehousing discounts in the Zone and creating partial warehousing advantages compared to other free zones.

-          The possibility of hiring booth and exhibition lots for the direct sale of the products in the Zone to the businessmen and merchants for two years without asking for rent and only covering routine charges.

-          Bearing the advertising charges by the Zone for the producers who sell their products in the stands of the trade-dedicated section of the Zone.

-          Bearing the transportation costs of the visitors and customers by the Zone, as well as issuing purchase credit cards for the customers by the banks cooperating with the Zone.

-          Existence of a coastal project with all welfare and health facilities including pergola, playground equipment, separate swimming pools for women and men, free parking lots coving 4 hectares to serve visitors and the tourists.

-          Communicating and trade exchanges with the ports in north and south of the Europe through Volga and Volgaden rivers.

-          Abundant skilled work force.


  1. C) Constructional and Infrastructural Features and Advantages of the Zone

-         The Zone possesses a strategic and comprehensive plan based on which all of its developmental and economic activities are conducted in line with scientific and professional principles.

-          Benefiting from all infrastructural facilities such as water, electricity, gas, telephone, and the like demanded by domestic and foreign investors.

-          Connection of the Zone to Qazvin-Rasht-Anzali Highway as well as creating capacity and expanding entrance and exit ways of the Zone to develop transit potentiality.

-          Connection of the Zone to Qazvin-Rasht-Anzali Railway through constructing the railway of the Free Zone and linking them to the national railway network in order to significance increase of goods transit capability  from the Free Zone to different parts of country.

-          Completing and executing infrastructural projects for instance Hasanrood-Zibakenar four-lane road project and connecting it to Qazvin-Rasht-Anzali Highway as an entrance point to the Zone; constructing the biggest non-level intersection of the north of Iran over the four-lane road of Hasanrood-Zibakenar; constructing power stations and sewage treatment plants and green spaces in the Zone; streamlining optical fiber grounds and establishing high speed internet throughout the Zone.

  1. D) Scientific and Technological Features and Advantages of the Zone

-         Establishing international academic centers including international branches of Gilan University, Gilan Medical Science University, and other high educational and research institutions.

-          Setting necessary grounds for ICT fields to launch e-commerce, expanding internet and intranet penetration rate in the Zone, using optical fiber, mounting fixed telephone line service on daily basis.

-          Meeting the needs of electronic network of the Zone and attracting the state commercial attention regarding electronic trade.

-          Allocating suitable lots for the establishment of science and technology parks in the Zone and the possibility of expanding scientific communications with educational and research centers across the world.

-          Preparing necessary prerequisites for establishing Health Village in the Zone in line with the operation of international branch of the Medical Sciences University in the Zone.

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