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Chabahar Township is one of the southern counties of Sistan and Baloochestan Province surrounded by Iranshahr and Nikshahr townships from the north, Pakistan border from the east, Oman Sea from the south, and Jask and Kahnooj townships from the west. Chabahar port is the capital City of Chabahar Township composing of three central districts namely Dashtyari, Konarak, and Central districts as well as 557 villages. This township has three cities named Chabahar, Konarak, and Negoor. The City of Chabahar is located in the north of the Equator at 25°17′ of latitude. The territory of the Equator extends from 0° to 23° 27′ northern latitude named “Tropic of Cancer”. Chabahar City is situated 1° 50′ above the Tropic of Cancer.

Located at 60°37′ of eastern longitude and 25°17′ of northern latitude, Chabahar City is located 756 kilometers south of Zahedan and 2,406 kilometers south of Tehran alongside of Zahedan-Konarak road. It is located in semi-plain area of Baloochestan and the vast plain of Dashtyari lies on the eastern part of Chabahar. Other parts of Chabahar are covered by short mountains such as Karooch, Goz, and Divani measuring 1205, 765, and 708 meter high respectively. Some valleys, vast moors, and rivers can be seen in the area. Bahookalat River irrigating vast plain of Dashtyari, is known as the main river of this area along with branches of Kajoo River. Kahir Bishmont and several dried rivers are located here as well.

Available Capacities and Infrastructures

  • The only ocean-linked port of Iran with necessary facilities where ocean-going vessels can berth as well as appropriate hinterland facilities.
  • The shortest linkage path to connect Iran to Central Asia, Afghanistan and high seas.
  • The shortest transit route in the east of Iran.
  • Proximity to Iran-India Peace Gas Pipeline.
  • Having enormous resources of marine fisheries and aquaculture facilities.
  • Enjoying roads as well as energy, and telecommunication infrastructures.

Main Areas for Investment

  • Making use of the transit capacity of the eastern axis.
  • Proximity to Iranian eastern provinces as well as Afghanistan and Central Asia as the regional distribution network and the transit hub of materials and commodities.
  • Utilizing the capacity of re-exporting for the countries in the region (Oman, Afghanistan, Pakistan).
  • Using the capacity of access to the adjacent ocean for ocean-going vessels to moor.
  • Using the fifth gas pipeline reaching India.
  • Attracting neighboring and east African countries to invest in the Zone based on the value chain (tea, rice, dried fruits, etc.) and trade development.
  • Taking advantage of the government's political will to establish the automobile production industry in the Zone.
  • Utilizing the capacity of existing marine fishery resources and marine creatures.
  • Making use of local potentialities in this area.

Competitive Advantages of Chabahar Free Zone

  • Offering discount for warehousing fees and using port equipment for containers entering the Free Zone by vessels.
  • Giving discount for warehousing costs for the export and transit commodities entering the Free Zone.
  • Giving discount for the freight amounting to 10% CIF value of commodity from the origin.
  • Giving discount for agency and after-sale services amounting to 10% of CIF value of commodity.
  • Giving discount for opening LC fees through one of the established banks in the Free Zone amounting to 25% of CIF value of the commodity.
  • Providing appropriate facilities to import commodities in a commercial way.
  • Offering facilities pertaining to differences in commodity shipment charges.
  • Being the most important ocean port of Iran with the access to land roads.
  • The nearest way of commodity transit to Afghanistan and Central Asia
  • Having access to air transportation facilities through Chabahar Airport.
  • Mooring capability for bunkers to moor in available wharfs.
  • Low tariffs comparing to the similar free zones and access to a five-thousand-ton cold-storage system and huge indoor warehouses.
  • Proximity to the international centers of ship construction and overhaul.
  • Easy access to various minerals in the eastern part of Iran.
  • Having access to abundant fish resources of Oman Sea and Indian Ocean to establish and develop fisheries industry.
  • Export and import incentives for export-oriented manufacturing industries such as automobile assemble lines and electronic appliances.

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