Kish Trade-Industrial Free Zone


Based on the legal resolution passed by the Revolution Council, Kish was announced as free port in 1979 and its activities were adapted to the law pertaining the management of free zones. From tourism perspective, the mission specified for  Kish Free Zone is focusing on offering cultural-welfare services, holding advanced industries and IT, creating stock exchange market for petroleum trading services and petroleum products, and creating a hub for hosting international and regional expositions  and conferences.



Covering an area of 91 square kilometers, Kish Free Zone is located in the northern coastline of the Persian Gulf, 18 kilometers off the southern coasts of the Islamic Republic of Iran.   The island is oval- shaped, 15 kilometers in the big diameter and 8 kilometers in the small diameter. Regarding the state political and executive divisions, Kish Free Zone is located within the jurisdiction of Hormozgan province and Bandar Lengeh city. Geographical features of Kish Island such as its location in the strategic region of the Persian Gulf, enjoying favorable weather during 8 months of a year, and having coral beaches have created prominent opportunities there for tourism and trade. With its various stylish shopping centers, hotels, hotel apartments, motels, and inns keeping up with international standards together with its diverse recreational and sport facilities, The Kish Free Zone attracts approximately two million Iranians and foreign tourists annually.


Topography of Kish Island

Considering the altitude, Kish Island is flat with partial height of 32 meter above the sea level. The highest part of the island is situated in the eastern part, 45 meters above the sea level where the coasts lead down to the sea with a gentle slope. The maximum width of the Island is 7.5 kilometers between the Customs Port-Lighthouse. The island is void of any topographic features such as mountains or even high hills.  The Kish International Airport was constructed in the center of the island where the height of the island was 35-40 meters. The steepest part of the island slopes from the north of the airport towards the beach adjacent to the Shayan Hotel.



Lots of tourists visiting Kish Island cannot believe it has been a prosperous place long time ago and one of the trading poles connecting China, Europe, and North Africa. Although comprehensive archaeological excavations have not been conducted throughout the Island, every site represents the ancestors’ relics and monuments which are reminders of the glorious and magnificent era of the Island.

During execution of developmental projects in the Kish Island and some limited past archeological excavations, some objects have been explored in the Island that are extremely invaluable composing a beautiful collection which is exposed to the public in the Art Center Building. The collection contains Iranian and foreign coins belonging to the different historical periods, copper  and ormolu dishes and pottery, stone inscriptions of the beginning days of the Islamic era in Koofi alphabet, grave stones, and a gun carriage.

Investment Incentives

1-    15-year tax exemptions for economic activities since the operation date

2-    Visa-free entrance

3-    Full freedom for capital transfer

4-    More flexibility for banking operations

5-    Guaranteeing the legal rights of foreign investors

6-    No limitation for foreign investment and cooperation

7-    Speedy administrative activities

8-    Easy capital transfer from mainland, abroad and other free zones of Iran

9-    Exemption from customs tax and commercial interests for the imports of raw materials and industrial manufacturing machinery of Kish industries

10-The possibility of foreign investment without Iranian cooperation

11-The possibility of purchasing and selling land, renting out land for domestic investors, and leasing the land to Iranian and foreign investors

12-No limitation for buying, selling, and exchanging currency

13-Performing all transactions and currency transfers in the Zone through real and legal persons

14-Company registration and industrial and intellectual ownership through Free Zone Organization

15-No limitation for any commodity entrance except for the ones which are inconsistence with the Islam orders or contrast specific regulations of the free zones.

16-Transiting and re-exporting of foreign goods with the minimum formalities

17-Exporting the goods produced in the Zone to other countries or other free zones with the minimum formalities

18-Exporting the produced goods to the mainland considering their value added index.

19-Setting governing rules for employee-employer relations based on concluded contracts.  

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