Maku Free Trade Zone

Maku Township:


Geography and history

Maku Township is located in northwest of Iran in West Azarbaijan Province ending to Gharasou River and Turkey from the north, Aras River and Azarbaijan Republic (autonomous Nakhchivan) from the east, Turkey from the west, and Khoy Township from the south.

The City of Maku is situated in the valley through which Zangbar River floats and it divides the City into northern and southern parts. The southern part is located in the foothill of Sabad Mountain and it is not very prosperous; however, the northern part is more prosperous and bigger.

As the trade-commercial gateway of Iran to Europe, Maku Township and Bazargan Border Crossing have always had a paramount importance. High volume of trade between Iran and Europe and high volume of commodity exchange with European countries have made the Bazargan Border Crossing as one the busiest Iranian land borders. Enjoying this feature together with other characteristics of Maku Township such as its proximity to the industrial hub of Tabriz and neighboring countries located in Caucasus were sufficient reasons to propose creation of Maku Free Zone in the late 1990s.

Some Investment Advantages in Maku Free Zone

  • Enjoying exceptional position in transportation and transit in the region due to its location as the linkage point between European and Central Asian markets.
  • Enjoying good climate, pleasant weather, four-season nature, and fertile soil.
  • Abundant construction material as well as metal and non-metal ores.
  • Having unique and pristine natural and historical tourism potentials
  • Access to cheap human resources.

The policy and industrial strategy pursued in Maku Free Zone are attracting export-oriented industries.

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