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German Residence Permit through Investments

Germany with the largest economy in Europe and the world’s fourth largest economy by nominal GDP is one of the most popular countries for foreign investors. Germany is among the top three exporters of goods worldwide, and its labor market is one of the markets with the highest labor productivity rate in the world. This mega economy offers a variety of investment opportunities in many sectors.

Due to the population increase and the strong demand for properties in Germany, the properties have increased 40% in value since 2008, which ranks Germany the first country with the greatest growth in real estate in the world within recent years. Moreover, the stable legal frameworks, diversified industrial network, no corruption and a highly skilled labor market with good command of English has made Germany one of the most favorable foreign investment hosts in the global market.

Our team of experts and lawyers by combining their local knowledge and international expertise provide you with the best investment consultancy and assist you to choose the best investment options to achieve the greatest results. Although Germany does not offer a special visa program for foreign investors, the non-EU national investors are able to apply for a three-year national residence, which is extendable to a permanent residence permit. There is no minimum investment requirement to obtain a residence permit, but the investment must create business and jobs. The suggested investment amount starts at 250.000 euros. The German passport is known as the most powerful passports in the world that allows its owner to travel freely to 177 countries. Amongst all other advantages of investment in Germany, the possibility to obtain a German passport after eight years provides great possibilities for the non-EU foreign investors.


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