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Spanish Residency Permit through Investment

Spain with a population of 47 million people and second biggest country in the EU, is one of the most significant and dynamic economies, and in 2018 has been ranked as sixth largest host for foreign investment in Europe according to the World Investment Report by UNCTAD. Spain is the world’s thirteenth largest economy with the nominal GDP of 1.437 trillion US dollar. The government provides investors with financial aid and tax benefits such as non-refundable subsidies and interest relief on loans to invest in certain sectors such as mining and technological development and a few other sectors.

Spain welcoming 82 million international visitors in 2017 set the new global record for receiving so many tourists and in 2016 surpassed the U.S in terms of receiving international visitors. Investment in different sectors such as real estate, industry and construction, services, agriculture and fishery, transport and IT in Spain offers low risk and high profitability ratios. Spain’s Central Government, with the aim of promoting investment and economic growth, has provided an extensive system of aid instruments and incentives that make Spain even a more attractive destination for foreign investors.

Our legal and investment experts in Spain with their deep market insight and practical approach provide you all the necessary information and services regarding investments, establishing businesses, obtaining the required licenses, financial aids, subsidies, and real estate matters to ensure you make the most out of every investment decision you make. To learn more about the opportunities in Spain please contact us.


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