Work Permits and Establishing Businesses:

In order to be able to work as an employee or establish a business in Europe, non-EU nationals are required to fulfill certain criteria and submit a lot of supporting documentation to the relevant authorities. Each Member State has their rules and regulations on how to complete the process, which is different from other States. The application process may also vary depending on the country of the origin of the permit seeker, which makes the process even more complicated. 
The process of application for work permit and establishing a business in EU countries is even more complicated since the applicant has to be familiarized with the existing and relevant business taxes, the right legal structure, tax credits and exemptions, wages and social charges in addition to preparing business plan, registering the company and opening bank accounts and eventually obtaining the right employment visa or work permit depending on each case. 
Our team of experts with extensive experience in establishing businesses in many EU countries will provide you with “A-Z” services to advise and assist you to obtain the relevant visas, permits and necessary licenses. We provide you with end-to-end service from initiation to completion. We take time to understand your business and particular needs to effectively respond to your economic and administrative challenges, and deliver the best and most efficient strategies and solutions according to your best interests. Our services are including but not limited to the following:

  • - comparative country analysis
  • - obtaining documents and authentications meeting the consular requirements such as court records, birth certificates, police clearance certificates, marriage records, education related certificates and diplomas and medical records
  • - consulting on the type of the company and providing
  • - providing business address and/or virtual offices
  • - obtaining the self-employed work permits and residence permits
  • - commercial insurance
  • - start-up consultancy
  • - preparing business plans
  • - drafting partnership agreements
  • - drafting the articles of association or company agreement
  • - conducting the commercial registry
  • - auditing
  • - tax consultancy
  • - fund raising


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