Investment in Austria

Austria is one of the favorite destinations for foreign investors as it has been ranked amongst the top 15 rich countries in the world. Austria’s capital, Vienna, has been ranked first in the world for its high quality of life and been recognized as the most liveable city worldwide for several years. Austria is renowned for its strong economy, high living standards, excellent healthcare infrastructure, and business-friendly conditions.  This landlocked country located in central Europe with an estimated population of 8.7 million hosted 38.6 million visitors in 2017, which demonstrates the significance of the tourism industry in the country’s economy. This figure is predicted to grow by 42 million visitors in 2018. Therefore, one of the most attractive sectors for investors is the tourism and hospitality in addition to other sectors such as construction, manufacturing, agriculture and food industry.

Austria’s economy is based on political stability, social harmony and its full integration to the global economy. The country offers a broad spectrum of investment incentives, subsidies, grants and promotions to assist the investors and SMEs to develop their businesses. Due to Austria’s recent economic growth, stable economic and political frameworks and the high demand, the properties pricing is constantly increasing. Therefore, investment in real estate is also renowned as one of the most attractive and profitable investments in Austria.

According to Austrian land transfer regulations, foreign investors may need approval from the relevant Austrian federal province in order to transfer the property rights and be registered as the property owner. However, some foreign nationals such as Iranians are exempted from the mandatory approval due to bilateral treaties between their State and Austria. 

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