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Many individuals and enterprises are eager to move to and establish their businesses in the European Union. By living and doing business in any European country the involvement in the relevant country’s taxation is inevitable. Each private or legal entity doing business and having income in a European country must register to receive a tax number and after that file tax declaration forms and submit the tax statement with or without the assistance of an accountant to tax authorities. It is important to bear in mind that the tax rates and regulations vary from one country to another in the European Union.

It is crucial for the foreigners who are willing to establish their business in any of the European countries to have a profound understanding of the taxation system of that country. The penalties for the tax evasion can include either monetary penalties or imprisonments up to 5 years or even 10 years for serious cases. Many foreigners who are not familiar with the tax system of the European country of their residence encounter many legal and financial issues that often lead to the failure of their business.

Our team of tax lawyers and experts with significant hands-on experience provides clients with legal advice on national, European and international tax law issues. We assist our clients develop and implement legal strategies to lower their taxes and benefit from legitimate tax benefits by preparing tax statements, general tax consultation and tax planning, checking of tax statements and declarations. Sam law firm cooperates closely with other local professionals such as accountants, tax consultants, and financial advisors to find the best solution for the clients either as private or legal entities.


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