Austrian Residency for Financially Independent Persons (FIP)

Austria announces and specifies limited quotas in January every year for those, who can prove with the required documentation that is financially independent. In this case, the applicant shall prove that has enough financial resources and monthly income to cover their expenses and living costs in the host country (i.e. Austria) without the need to work or exercise any economic activity in Austria. By presenting the necessary documentation the applicant and their dependents (spouse and children under 18-year-old) will receive the Austrian residence permit.

The minimum income for single applicants is 1.800 euros per month, 2.700 euros for the married applicant, 400 euros for the spouse and 300 euros per under 18-year-old child.

The supporting documents evidencing the financial independence of the applicant include property rentals, savings, and interests, shares and bonds, bank statements, pensions and retirement income.

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