Greek Residency Permit Through Investment

Greece offers the least expensive and easiest ways to obtain a European residency permit for those non- EU nationals, who want to overcome the travel and free movement barriers.

Greece, this beautiful ancient country has been struggling with recession within recent years. However, its economy is empowered by its strong tourism industry followed by agriculture, food and maritime industry.Despite the fact that Greece has faced an economic crisis due to the internal challenges in the government, the participants in the three above-mentioned industries have been barely affected. The tourist industry has been one of the mainstays of its economic growth and employment. The travel and hospitality industry is one of the sectors that present prime investment opportunities considering that Greece is one of the top global tourist destinations. Only in 2017, Greece welcomed 27 million tourists, which presents a 3 million increase in number from 2016.

The Greek government has introduced a variety of investment options together with favorable state aid and incentives packages to encourage foreign investment. Our experts consider the prospects of investing in Greece in the next five years as “good” or even “excellent”. We believe that the possibility to obtain a residency permit of an EU Member State, booming tourism industry, incredible price growth of residential properties and government’s financial aids and tax benefits make this country one of the most attractive and profitable investment destinations. One of the other attractive sectors for investment is the energy sector, in which investors are supported by the government and legislation, and also can benefit from the special bank and governmental guarantees. By investing 300.000 euros in this sector you can also obtain a permanent Greek residency permit for you, your spouse and all your dependents, and freely travel across the EU and the Schengen Area countries.

Property acquisition is another attractive investment option in Greece following the 15% growth in the price of properties from 2010 to 2017. Buyers can acquire properties with low price with high potential for growth, and secure capital gains by refurbishing, renovating and changing its use. The majority of the properties owned by investors is used for hospitality purposes and are rented to the tourists on a daily basis. Considering the great success of the tourism industry in Greece investing in properties will bring the owner a stable income while the value of the property is still increasing. In addition to that, by investing 250.000 euros in properties the investor receives a permanent Greek residency permit.

Our legal and investment experts in Athens with their deep market insight and practical approach provide you all the necessary information and services regarding investments, establishing businesses, obtaining the required licenses and permits, and real estate matters to ensure you make the most out of every investment decision you make.


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